Fishermen Put Their LIfe On The Line To Save A Stranded Deer

Bransen Jackson and his friend had gone on a fishing trip to Panguitch Lake in Utah. It was supposed to be a relaxing trip, but it quickly turned into an adrenaline-filled rescue mission after the two fishermen noticed a baby deer had become stuck in the lake’s frozen waters.

Jackson and his pal saw the struggling fawn, who was about a year old, and knew immediately that they had to help.

The two friends made the dangerous trek across the ice in order to help it. They risked their own safety to help the fawn get its footing on the ice, explaining that they knew from the moment they saw it that they had to help.

Photo: YouTube / KUTV 2 News Salt Lake City

He explained to 2KUTV, “We slowly just started making our way over there, at one point his boot actually went through a crack in the ice. So it was really thin, but I was like ‘we can’t just let this deer sit there.’”

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Despite the sketchy situation that they were in, they pressed on. Once they managed to get to the deer, Jackson admitted that he wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation. He was nervous about the panicked animal possibly kicking him if he picked it up. However, knowing that the animal needed help, he gently picked up the deer, who seemed to understand that the man was trying to help and remained still.

Photo: YouTube / KUTV 2 News Salt Lake City

When he was getting the deer to the safety of the shore, he felt the ice cracking a little under his boots. But they pressed on and just “hoped for the best.” Luck happened to be on their side and all three made it safely back to dry land.

The two friends found the new experience with the fawn to be quite rewarding. As Jackson explained to 2KUTV, “We were trying to calm it and it was just so cool to be, you know there was nothing holding it there and it wasn’t thrashing and you could just pet it and it was super calm, so it was just like a big dog – it was cool.”

It remains a mystery as to how the deer ended up out on the lake. But they were happy that they were able to lend a helping hand when it was needed. We’re glad that the deer was okay after such an ordeal.

Watch the daring rescue below:

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