Fisherman Saves Owl Trapped In Fishing Line

When two men went fishing, they likely expected to have a typical day on the water and maybe catch a few fish in the process. However, their day of fishing turned into a daring rescue when they saw not a fish on the end of a fishing line, but an owl!

Rather than leave the owl dangling by the line to die, the men decided to do the right thing and try to help the poor bird.

In a video shared on YouTube, you can see one of the men wading into the water across a small river or creek. On the sider side is the owl, hanging above the water from a fishing line caught in a tree.

Photo: YouTube/Peristiwa Terkini

The owl is fluttering its wings and swinging around trying to free itself, but a hook is caught in its wing. Thankfully, the fisherman is able to reach the owl with his net and snaps the fishing line.

Then, he carefully carries the owl back to shore and begins working to free the hook from the bird’s wing. Miraculously, the owl didn’t fight the man who was trying to help him. Instead, the owl held perfectly still while the fisherman carefully released the hook from its wing.

Photo: YouTube/Peristiwa Terkini

Once the bird was free, the man carefully carried it to the edge of the forest and set it gently on the ground. The bird took a few steps and then closed its eyes as if to relax.

It went through a great deal of stress, so hopefully the beautiful bird was able to recover from the incident and fly away freely! If it weren’t for the fisherman, it wouldn’t have had any chance at all.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Peter Trimming

It just goes to show that ghost gear can negatively impact animals and the environment in all settings, not just marine life in the oceans.

Watch the rescue video below:

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