Firefighters Give Thirsty Baby Tortoise A Drink Of Water From A Water Bottle Cap

A video went viral on social media showing volunteer firefighters giving a baby tortoise a drink of water from a water bottle cap.

In Cape Town, South Africa, volunteer firefighters with the Devils Peak Vredehoek Neighbourhood Watch were working diligently on the fire raging in Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park when they came across a tiny tortoise in need of some help.

The volunteers immediately recognized that the tortoise was parched and in desperate need of water after being in the area of the fire.

Photo: Twitter/@TobyG13_

Thankfully, they had a water bottle on hand, but they didn’t have a dish to pour it into. Rather than give up, they got creative and used the water bottle’s cap to give the little tortoise some water.

Photo: Twitter/@TobyG13_

In the video first shared on Twitter by @TobyG13_, you can see the tortoise eagerly drinking from the cap. It’s so sweet!

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Wath the video below:

According to The South African, Belinda Abraham, a local SPCA spokesperson, shared that the fire has been “heartbreakingly traumatic” for all those involved.


She said, “In the aftermath of the fire, we are now seeing the first signs of life and loss. Searching the areas for any form of life has become heartbreakingly traumatic as the charred remains of the several different species we come across tell the story of immense suffering. Overcome by smoke then turned to charcoal. Those that survived, give us hope.”

The tortoise in the video is one such survivor bringing hope to the rescue workers, firefighters, and people around the globe.

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