250 Whales Slaughtered As Part Of A Yearly Tradition In The Faroe Islands

Some annual traditions should just cease to exist as they bring nothing but pain and misery to those involved. The Grindadràp of the Faroe Islands is one of those traditions that spells complete suffering for the whales in the waters off the islands, as more than 250 whales and dolphins are needlessly slaughtered.

The shocking photos show a bright red ocean as the annual tradition was in full swing. The practice is believed to date back 1,000 years to the year’s first hunt. However, there have been plenty of campaigns speaking out against it in recent years.

Sea Shepherd, a non-profit organization, shared the sad news that a total of 252 pilot whales and 35 dolphins were murdered in Hvalba following the pod’s discovery off the coast of Sandvik.

The non-profit has called the tradition a “barbaric practice” and they showed photos of the hunt, hoping the disgusting butchering of the marine animals will stop. Along with the photos they released a statement detailing out how the 252 long-finned pilot whales and 35 Atlantic white-sided dolphins lost their lives in such a needless practice.

In the statement they wrote, “This is the first organized Grindadràp hunt of 2020 with the meat from the hunt distributed first to the approximately 70 hunt participants from the boats and those killing on the beach – and then the remainder to villages on Suðuroy with all recipients then free to sell their share of the meat if they so wish.”

Groups of pilot whales, usually about 100,000, are known to annually migrate through the waters of the Faroe Islands which are an archipelago in the North Atlantic sea between Norway and Iceland. While many of the hunters who hunt these whales have a hunting license, the practice is still protested by many animal rights activists, including the Blue Planet Society. They’ve regularly called out the practice’s brutality and needless slaughter of the marine mammals.

In addition, ORCA, another non-profit environmental conservation group, took to Twitter to post, “To the beautiful family of pilot whales that were brutally murdered in the Danish #FaroeIslands, we are so deeply sorry… We will keep fighting to end this insane blood sport. RIP beautiful family… Please Boycott the Faroe Islands!”

Sea Shepherd did have a little bit of luck in 2014 when they managed to halt the slaughter of hundreds of whales. Unfortunately, the long-term effect wasn’t great as the effort just meant that a local law was passed that banned any of its ships to enter the archipelago. Hopefully, if enough people boycott the Faroe Islands that will be incentive enough for them to change their practices. Share and boycott for the whales!

Anastasia is an American writer and journalist living in Dublin, Ireland. Her Twitter is @AnastasiaArell5.

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