The Old Farmer’s Almanac Is Calling For Lots Of Snow During Christmas

Holiday travel plans may be adversely affected by this news but we still have to report it nonetheless. Meanwhile, those who find themselves dreaming of a white Christmas will be very happy to learn more about this forecast. Farmer’s Almanac’s Christmas forecast is calling for lots and lots of snow. You may want to start adjusting your plans accordingly…just saying.

The long-range predictions that are offered by the almanac are as follows: the Northeast can expect plenty of snow on Christmas Day, in addition to the Heartland and the Midwest. The Lower Lakes, High Plains, and Intermountain regions are also expected to experience a white Christmas. This snowfall is expected to take place in the days leading up to the holiday.

If the almanac is correct, at least seven different snowstorms will be occurring throughout the country. We hope that we are able to make snow angels and have snowball fights with all of our friends and loved ones this year. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? From there, we can head inside and make a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Photo: Flickr / Sheila Sund

On the other hand, other areas will not be experiencing snowfall. The almanac calls for wet and rainy conditions for other areas of the country. The Ohio Valley and the Appalachians are chief among them. Of course, the Pacific Coast and the Southeast are slated to receive their own share of wet weather. The Old Farmer’s Almanac may not seem accurate but guess what?

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Last year, over 80 percent of their predictions ended up coming true. If you want to prepare yourself properly, you should start stocking up on winter weather gear now.

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