Australian Farmer Celebrates Torrential Rainfall After 18 Months On His Drought-Struck Farm

The Australian bushfires have captivated the attention of the world due to their destruction. It has taken human lives, killed over 1 billion animals and destroyed property beyond measure. The grassland has also been affected negatively, and the farming community took a serious hit.

The bushfires have been raging across the southern and western regions of Australia for several weeks. Finally, some relief may be in sight thanks to torrential rainfall in New South Wales.

I’m sure that every farmer was smiling when the rain started falling but one farmer seemed to be too happy to control his emotions. A video was posted of him celebrating as the rain was falling on his drought-stricken property. After it was uploaded to social media, it went viral for every good reason.

The farmer can be seen celebrating as the rain starts on his New South Wales farm. Months of dry weather led up to this video, so you can tell why he was so excited.

According to the report from the Daily Mail, the farmer looks up with gratitude at the sky as the rain pelted his face. “Send it down. Let’s get wet,” he says, as the rain continues.

The video also shows the farmer’s cows, that seemed just as happy to be standing out in the rain as the puddles began to gather on his property. He says: “My cows – here’s some rain to give you some feed.”

A number of areas across the region enjoyed the downpour, which took place after the bushfires had already done much devastation. The weather change was expected the previous day, and a number of regions of Victoria and much of New South Wales benefited. 32 active fires were extinguished due to the rain.

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This isn’t only a one-time event. The weekend forecast also shows heavy rains heading for Sydney, Brisbane, and the NSW mid-North Coast. It’s more than good news for farmers, the firefighters also appreciate the assistance. The possibility of flash flooding and landslides also exists due to the wet weather but that is another story.

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