New Film Reveals The Hidden World Of Fungi And Mycelium

When we think of mushrooms or just fungi in general, we probably don’t think of them as being anything more than things growing on the rest floor. However, one film has definitely taken time to bring us a magical world of fungi so that we see them in a whole new light.

The film, which is directed by Louie Schwartzberg, has been titled “Fantastic Fungi,” and it premiered on Netflix as part of the streaming service’s Moving Art nature series.

And this film certainly is art – through commentary from various experts like mycologist Paul Stamets, food journalist Eugenia Bone, best-selling author Michael Pollan, and many more, we’re able to see these fungi in a whole new light.

Photo: YouTube/Moving Art

As it turns out, they have various benefits to both our health and our environment. For example, the film focuses on the seven pillars that these fungi bring benefit to, which are biodiversity, innovation, food, health and wellness, mental health, spirituality, and culture.

Photo: YouTube/Moving Art

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The website for the film gives a quick description of “Fantastic Fungi,” stating, “Through the eyes of renowned scientists and mycologists… we become aware of the beauty, intelligence, and solutions that the fungi kingdom offers in response to some of our most pressing medical, therapeutic, and environmental challenges.”

Photo: YouTube/Moving Art

After watching this film we probably won’t be able to look at mushrooms the same. Who knew that there could be so much to learn about these fungi?

Check out the official trailer below:

What do you think of this movie? Will you be watching it? Have you already seen it? Did you know that there was this much to fungi? Let us know!

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