Family ‘Trapped’ In House After Swarm Of Wasps Moves Into Their Garden

A family in Salford, Greater Manchester experienced quite a scare when they became trapped in their home due to wasps.

The wasps seemed to swarm their yard so thick that the family feared going outside!

Julie’s daughter happened to live in the house and recalled how awful the experience has been.

Photo: StockSnap/Sara Pavic

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, Julie said: “[Wasps had] been there for a couple of days but it’s getting worse and worse. There’s swarms of them. My daughter and her neighbours have had to lock their windows and doors. They can’t come out, they can’t let their children out.”

Julie said they believe there’s a nest in the loft of the property since her daughter reported seeing wasps climbing into a tiny hole in the loft.

Photo: Unsplash/Steve

Apparently, they tried calling in a professional for help, but were unsuccessful in contacting someone who could assist them.

Without a professional, Julie’s daughter and her family feared leaving the house. We can’t blame them! Who would willingly walk into a swarm of wasps?

Photo: Unsplash/Ante Hamersmit

Not only is it scary to think about, but it’s also dangerous. Wasps have been known to kill people in swarms, though the incidents of that happening is rare. But given there are children in the home, it’s probably best they stay inside and hope a professional agrees to help at some point.

Have you ever been trapped by a swarm of wasps before? Let us know!

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