I Had Trouble Putting My Jaw Back on After Watching this Exploding Volcano!

When volcanoes erupt, they can destroy houses, ground planes, pave over entire communities — but for a few animals, volcano eruptions aren’t that big of a deal. They have learned to live with earth’s geothermal explosions as just part of life.

On the coast of Papua New Guinea, Rabaul’s Dragon erupts. Known for its devastating eruptions, The Rabaul Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes on Earth — with the last eruption occurring in August of 2014. The volcano remains dormant as of now but another eruption can occur any moment from now.

When Rabaul’s Volcano erupts, all living species have to make a decision and that is either to flee the eruption scene or stay behind and brave the flowing lava and falling ash. The video below explains how 4 very different species adapt to exist in such harsh conditions.

Have a look at this incredible footage of an exploding volcano, as Jeremy Irons narrates the humble lives of the animals who live nearby. Watch the video!

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