Ever Wonder How a Mongoose Can Take on a Cobra? Find Out Now!

Cobras have very few enemies, but the most infamous is certainly the mongoose. These little critters are immune to cobra venom at low doses, and they are almost as quick as their slithering nemeses — emphasis on almost.

For the mongoose, cobras and other similarly deadly venomous snakes aren’t actually part of these animal’s regular diet. As much as people may think that mongooses are “snake killers,” they don’t go out of their way to find and kill cobras. In reality, they usually avoid the snakes in the vast majority of cases.

But sometimes a confrontation between a mongoose and a dangerous snake is unavoidable in the wild. And when it comes down to simple survival, the battle between these two animals turns into an incredible dance of death.

See these kings of the desert take each other on in one of the fiercest battles of the wild and check out the video below!

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