Prepare for the Most Adorable Cheetah Video You Will Ever See

Cheetahs are animals that are incredibly unique, but are still somehow very similar to modern day cats. They are the fastest land animal on the planet, and yet when it comes down to growing up, they play just like any other cat.

The early lives of cheetahs are also the polar opposite of how they go about in the wild as adults.

It’s normal in the wild for the female cheetah to live a life of solitude — but with her cubs at only two months old, this new mother must do all she can to protect them, feed them, and teach them how to hunt and survive on their own.

But when you have to keep an eye on some very rambunctious cheetah kittens, every day life becomes a little bit more complicated and definitely more interesting.

Soon enough, they’ll most likely be loners just like their mother. But for now, they’re still nursing, and therefore adorable.

See these cute cubs get into mischief and check out the video below.

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