Africa Has Only One Wolf Species And They Look Like Foxes!

Africa has a myriad of animal species and seemingly endless diversity — BUT did you know there is only one species of wolf on the entire continent! That’s right, Africa has some wolves. The Ethiopian wolf is found in seven isolated subpopulations in the many different mountain ranges in Ethiopia. They can even be found up to 3000 meters above sea level! Just about half of the entire Ethiopian wolf population can be found in the Bale mountains. Just like other wolf species, they create packs up to 13 members.

You may notice that the Ethiopian wolf looks more like a red fox — they have red fur, long legs, and a bushy tail. This is due to their adapting to the environment. They are built to maneuver around the African bush and to hunt rodents.

Sadly, it is estimated that their population is below 500 individuals. These special wolves need attention and protection!

Learn more about them, and how important they are to protect by watching the video!

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