Energy Problems Require Energy Solutions

We have a problem, and it’s a doozy — our worldwide energy consumption continues to rise, and that energy is majorly derived from unsustainable sources like oil, coal, and natural gas. The crux is we know that these sources will run out and that our use of them is detrimental to the environment, but we continue to extract and burn fossil fuels despite the plethora of alternate, sustainable energy sources already available.

We have had electric cars since the nineteenth century, and we have been wielding energy from the sun for even longer. Besides the sun being able to solely power worldwide energy consumption, we are also currently able to derive renewable energy from wind, water, and the earth’s interior heat. However, current public policy projects a future of continued reliance on fossil fuels, and perpetuates the current disregard of renewable energy sources.

However, one group has proposed an energy panacea: eliminate the use of fossil fuels, and replace them with renewable resources by 2050. The Solutions Project has already developed fifty plans for all fifty of the United States, but much of the work still lies ahead.

Find out more about the project and the solution — watch the video.

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