Scientist Do Their Best To Save Endangered ‘Scrotum Frog’ Near Lake Titicaca

More than likely, you have never even heard of the “Scrotum Frog” and you may even think that we are joking. The fact of the matter is, however, they do exist. Of course, perhaps you’ve called them the Telmatobius culeus, or Lake Titicaca giant frog, which is their proper names. Then again, they may have escaped your notice.

They are an aquatic frog and one of the world’s largest as far as those who live in the water. They live in Lake Titicaca, which is between Bolivia and Peru. The problem is, they are disappearing quickly, with numbers dropping by 80% in the decade leading up to 2004.

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Pollution from mining is to blame for the loss of this amphibian. The shores of the lake saw some 10,000 wash up on shore in 2016. That mass extinction was never explained, but they feel it may have been from sewage runoff.

Traditional medicine may also be to blame, as they are thought to be an aphrodisiac.

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