You Won’t Believe the Welcoming These Elephants Give to a Newcomer!

When young Khun-Dej the elephant arrived at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the resident elephant crew was more than happy to meet him!

One of the herd, Navann, took a particular interest in Khun-Dej, and the two performed an odd sort of greeting ritual, which appears to involve sniffing each others trunks for an extended period — or maybe they’re just shaking trunks.

Whatever its purpose, the gesture demonstrates an immediate and undeniable connection between the two calves. Check out the video below!

The Asian elephants in the video below were all once in danger and required rescuing and rehabilitation. Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park provides a natural environment for rescued elephants — the environment plays a strong role in rehabilitation and allows the elephants to regain their strength. The sanctuary also provides services to cats, dogs, buffaloes, and other rescued species!

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