Elephant Herd Digs Well To Find Water In Dry Lake

Living in a modern home offers plenty of luxuries, like the ability to turn on a faucet and enjoy fresh, drinkable water. That benefits not just us, but our pets as well. For wild animals, things are a little more complex. They have to source water on their own and it’s not always easy.

For a herd of elephants in Serengeti, a protected area in Tanzania, finding water is no joke. It’s a life or death situation and when the lake runs dry, it can be difficult.

Photo: YouTube/John Downer Productions

That was seen recently in a John Downer Productions series called Serengeti on BBC One.

John Downer Productions shared a clip from episode 5 titled “Pressure” on YouTube, saying:

“Nalla the elephant is leading Kadogo and the herd on a life-saving mission; they are seeking water. She takes them to the lake, but when they arrive, she finds it is fast disappearing and the water unfit to drink. Nalla must call on all her wisdom to find a solution before it’s too late.”

Photo: YouTube/John Downer Productions

Sony BBC Earth shared about Nalla on Facebook, explaining that she’s “the loving elephant matriarch, for whom her big family means everything.”

As the matriarch, it’s her job to protect her herd and keep them safe.

In an episode clip, narrated by Andjoa Andoh, you can see the elephants, led by Nalla, pawing through the dry lake and looking for water.

In the end, the elephants dig a decent-sized well and find water to drink, bathe, and play in!

Photo: YouTube/John Downer Productions

It’s really something special to witness.

You can see it for yourself in the video below:

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