Watch a Beautiful Elephant Marvel at the Power of Water Pressure!

When Faa Sai the elephant finds a sprinkler at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, she can’t help but mess around with it. And before accidentally/on-purpose breaking the sprinkler, she aims the water just-right to give us a beautiful rainbow!

When Faa Sei was younger, she was chained and caged in a life of captivity. She was later rescued and brought to The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, a sanctuary for abused and neglected elephants. On her arrival to the sanctuary, Faa Sai had a hard time adjusting. She was aggressive and angry — often giving the staff a difficult time at the sanctuary. It took her days to realize that she was no longer chained at the legs, not realizing she was able to move freely. Her legs sustained permanent damage but she seems to be in a much better and happier place!

Watch the video to see Faa Sai frolic in the sprinkler and destroy park property!

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