Baby Elephants Plus Soccer Ball Equals Too Much Cuteness!

After a visit from African football star Yaya Toure, the orphan elephants being lovingly cared for by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in East Africa got into a sporting spirit and decided to give soccer a try. The results? Nothing short of adorable!

Many of these baby elephants were left orphaned due to poaching. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is number one when it comes to caring and rearing infant orphaned elephants and rhinos. Their efforts focus on anti-poaching, providing mobile veterinary services, and utilizing aerial surveillance teams to protect these beautiful creatures from all threats.

The organization works hard to ensure the safety of orphaned baby elephants and baby rhinos — we owe them all of our respect for what they do. Thank you, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust! Now it’s not always business with them… they sure do love to have fun with the baby animals! Watch them play soccer in the video below. It’s a hoot!

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