After They Saw A Baby Elephant Fall Into A Muddy Pond They Knew Exactly What To Do

When a 5 day old baby elephant fell into a muddy pond, it soon became apparent that the baby elephant would not be able to get out of the pond on its own.

With the mother elephant standing close by, she cries for help as she watches her baby work its hardest trying to climb out of pond. With all the commotion, a team of rescuers set up to save the baby elephant from the mud.

Members from Kenya Wildlife Service and The Amboseli Trust for Elephants lured the upset mother elephant away from the stuck baby and went right to work!

Then the two teams were able to climb down into the well and wrap the infant elephant in a sling and pulled him out of the pond.

Knowing the mother elephant would soon return, the team quickly leads the baby elephant away from the pond and drove off once they knew he was safe.

Watch the very tearful reunion between this baby elephant and a very nervous mother in the video below!

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