Is It Actually True That Elephants Never Forget? The Results Are Incredible

The phrase “elephants never forget” isn’t just a saying — it’s a verifiable fact. And memory isn’t the only incredible thing about an elephant’s brain.

Because they have the largest brain of any land animal on earth, and one of the most fully developed, elephants are incredibly creative, clever, and altruistic. They can understand basic arithmetic, can create art and music, and more than likely have their own form of grammatical language.

The amazing memory capabilities are only a part of elephants massive intelligence. They know almost every member of their herd from either sight or smell, which comes in handy if they ever run into another group of elephants that is not their own. Their social qualities are extremely developed and allow them to have close and compassionate relationships.

Check out the video for more about the brain and behavior of earth’s gentlest creature!

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