Watch This Young Elephant Stand Up To A Hungry Pack Of Lions

This story is the epitome of the underdog showing unrelenting determination. Somehow this young elephant was separated from the herd and ran into some very hungry lions. 14 of them to be exact.

The lions were positive that this elephant was their next meal. And crowded around her. My heart was in my throat.


But they picked the wrong elephant!


Even as they jumped onto her back, and nipped at her, she continued to fight! She was in no way giving up! Her life was at stake. But it gets better! She doesn’t just fight back! She goes after them!


With her ears out, she charges! The young elephant takes on a hungry pack of lions. All 14 of them. And wins! I promise you, you cannot watch this video just once. You will be out of your seat cheering loudly for the young elephant who wouldn’t be defeated!

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