Napping Elephant Leaves A Perfect Imprint Of Its Face In The Sand

Ever experience a nap so good that when you wake, you don’t know what time, or even day, it is? All you know is that your pillow left marks on your face but you don’t care because you feel so refreshed and relaxed?

Well, we’re pretty sure that’s the kind of wonderful nap that this young elephant at the Chester Zoo in the UK experienced recently. Two years ago, the zoo’s Asian elephant family welcomed Anjan as their new member. Ever since then, the zookeepers have been regularly posting his life adventures on social media for his fans to keep up with.

Even though the zoo is currently closed down publicly because of the pandemic, that doesn’t mean that his fans aren’t being kept up to date with his stories. In fact, the latest one has been regarding his nap and the subsequent sand art that was left behind as a result. You see, when he took a nap, he ended up leaving a perfect imprint of his face in the sand.

While the picture was created by a sleeping elephant on accident, the picture passes for an intentional piece of art. And it’s pretty cool, to say the least.

Normally, elephants will sleep on their sides for about 4 hours per night – a time long enough for them to leave imprints in the sand. However, as a spokesperson for Chester Zoo explained to UNILAD, finding an imprint that is intact and undisturbed is actually pretty rare.

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They said, “Our zookeepers quite often come across imprints in the sand but rarely do they see them quite so intact and quite as perfect as this one of Anjan! It’s quite remarkable really that none of the other elephants in the herd, or indeed Anjan himself, stepped on it and disturbed it before the zookeepers got to it the following morning.”

The perfect outline shows Anjan’s ear, eye, and even the wrinkles on his trunk. The incredible image easily could’ve been destroyed had he moved in his sleep, or while getting up after sleeping.

However, it thankfully remained perfectly intact in time for the zookeepers to get a picture of the perfect imprint.

Pretty cool, right?

I would totally buy a print of that! Would you?

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