Watch Newborn Baby Elephant Take His Very First Steps

Elephants are endearing to people around the world. Not only are they incredibly intelligent, but they can be pretty cute too.

There are so many reasons baby elephants are adorable from the moment they’re born to the moment they learn how to walk.

Photo: Reddit/u/cpsc4

Reddit user u/cpsc4 shared a video of a sweet baby elephant taking his very first steps, and the Internet can’t get enough!

In the clip, you can see the tiny elephant struggling to get his feet under his body. At less than a day old, he attempts a few wobbly steps, but he keeps falling down each time.

Photo: Reddit/u/cpsc4

Eventually, he manages to get all four feet under his body and stands! From there, he takes a couple uncertain steps. He falls, but he gets right back up and continues on. The 44-second clip shows him continuing to try until he walks! What a persistent little guy!

“Who else was cheering him on? I know it wasn’t just me,” one person commented. “Gah….adorable! My heart melts watching it use its little tail to try to maintain its balance,” someone else added.

Photo: Reddit/u/cpsc4

Witnessing the tiny animal attempt to walk is really something special. They can take their first few steps the same day they’re born, which is impressive in itself.

You can watch the adorable video for yourself in the Reddit post below:

First steps of a baby elephant.
by inaww

How cute is he?

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