Baby Elephant Also Wants an Air Mattress, Watch the Keeper’s Reaction

There’s only a little difference between taking care of a child and a baby animal, and both experiences will help you learn how to manage tantrums and hold on to your patience as much as you can. Babysitting can make you laugh and return to your childhood for just a while, and playful moments can quickly put a smile on your face — more so, perhaps, when it’s a baby elephant.

Photo: Twitter/Dr.Samrat Gowda IFS

A video of an elephant calf is going viral on the internet — a cute addition to the internet’s collection of funny animals. The young one was caught on a video escaping its fence to approach the zookeeper. At first, it looks like the baby elephant just wants the keeper’s attention. However, as the video goes on, you’ll see that the elephant was trying to wake up the zookeeper and steal away the air mattress he was resting on.

You can see the amazing bond between the zookeeper and the baby elephant. It was like two friends having a fun banter — both sides making fun of each other until one gives up. The elephant kept on nudging its keeper for a chance to lie down on the air mattress. In the end, they both shared the air mattress and just laid down next to each other.

Photo: Twitter/Dr.Samrat Gowda IFS

The hilarious video was uploaded on Twitter by an Indian Forest Officer. Along with the video, Officer Dr. Samrat Gowda wrote a caption, “Hey! That’s my bed. Get up!” It has already gained over 190k views with 2,582 retweets and 12.9k likes. Replies are also flooding the post — sharing how the video made them smile, laugh, and relieve their stress for the day.

Take a break from the overwhelming stress of the world and watch this video — you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling.

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