Decorate Your Outdoor Trees Using Edible Ornaments That Are Safe For Animals

Many people tend to focus on fun when it comes to decorating for Christmas but you can also focus on the environment. If you plan on decorating an outdoor tree this year, why not do it with edible ornaments to share the love with nature. You can offer a variety of food choices for birds and animals that will appreciate what you’ve done for them.

When you decorate a tree with an eco-friendly theme, the birds will come to share the holidays with you. They don’t tend to be picky about what they eat or how well you decorated the tree. The only thing that matters to them is that you cared enough to decorate it for them.

To make the most of this tradition, look for a tree with plenty of horizontal branches that are spaced out to allow you to hang the seed ornaments and decorated foods. It will give them more room to eat your creations.

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Evergreen trees offer additional shelter to protect the animals and the ornaments from snow. That being said, you may not see the animals as much when they are feeding.

Look for a shrub or tree that is near a window. You can also look for an area where feeders are nearby so they can get to the treats as quickly as possible.

If a suitable tree is not available, use a potted Evergreen plant or a large upright branch. You can even put an artificial tree outside if desired.

You should also keep the habits of many birds in mind when doing your decorating. In the South, many birds prefer fruit so making a string of fruits is a great place to start. You can also look for some nutritious seed options as well.

If you plan on hanging edible ornaments, use small lengths of string or twine and wrap a bow for each ornament. It makes the tree look more festive and attracts the birds at the same time.

In addition to hanging the ornaments, the birds may also use the string when building their nests in the spring. Avoid fishing line or thin threads because they could become a tangle hazard. Decorate the tree in enough time to give them the opportunity to find the food before the weather turns worse.

You might also want to consider making additional ornaments and keeping them to feed the birds throughout the year. Other animals may also come for a visit, making it an even more enjoyable pastime.

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