21-Year-Old Climate Activist Spent Over 1,000 Days Cleaning Up Trash In Local Parks

While many twenty-one-year-old college students are interested in partying and having a good time, Edgar McGregor has a different focus in life: To help the environment and clean up as much trash as he can.

Back in 2019, McGregor began conducting daily trash cleanups to make his favorite park, Eaton Canyon in Pasadena, spotless.

It took quite some time, but he eventually gathered up all of the trash he could find in the canyon by going out each day, rain or shine.

To encourage others to do the same, McGregor began documenting his trash collection journey on Twitter, and he garnered quite the attention for it, including from other climate activists like Greta Thunberg.

While his initial goal was to clean the canyon park, after two years of doing trash cleanups, McGregor didn’t want to stop just because he’d finished that park. He decided to keep going out in new areas to do trash cleanups and he’s now on day 1,027!

Despite being busy as a meteorology student at San Jose State University, McGregor continues to find the time and energy to go out each day and clean up some garbage or cans.

As he’s shared on Twitter, he finds some interesting things doing his clean-ups, ranging from iPhones to 1970s beer cans.

In an interview with ABC 7, McGregor said he’s likely collected around 15,000 pounds of trash so far!

What’s even more amazing is that he doesn’t simply take all of the trash to the landfill. Instead, he takes the time to separate the recyclable cans and bottles from the trash and he cashes in the recycling to make money for different environmental charities.

While he can’t spend hours outside each day, he makes an effort go out for at least a few minutes and it’s through his consistency that he’s managed to make such a massive impact on the world!

“Sometimes I go out for two hours, sometimes I only have 10 minutes, but I just really love being out there. The park changes a ton all the time, and you can see it when you’re there,” he shared in an interview with Outide.

You can keep up with Mcgregor and his environmental work on Twitter, @edgarrmcgregor.

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