7 Easy Ways To Be An Eco-Savvy Traveler

Travel isn’t typically considered an earth-friendly endeavor – airplanes are notorious for generating high levels of carbon pollutants, while paper map-toting, taxi-hopping tourists emit further pollution once they arrive at their final destination. But there are plenty of ways that earth-conscious travelers can practice a sustainable ethos, starting with these seven easy points below.

7. Embrace Eco-tourism

Photo: Flickr/Flickr/Schristia
Photo: Flickr/Schristia

Defined as “tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife,” eco-tourism is related to
related to sustainable tourism, but also its very own category. While deploying good green habits could technically make any trip sustainable, eco-tourism is undertaken with the express purpose of making the world better – maybe you’d like to help out at an elephant orphanage for a week, or volunteer for a reforestation project or partake in a tour that incorporates endangered wildlife in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, less scrupulous tour operators taking advantage of this quickly-growing segment; be wary of company’s “greenwashing” to make a dime.

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