Learn to Eat Local With These Tips


The movement to eat food produced near where you live, also known as the “localvore” movement, has been gathering momentum in recent years. This new perspective on food has a number of benefits to you, your economy, and the environment.

Read on to learn more about this fascinating trend and how you can include local food on your plate!


The Benefits of Eating Local


Did you know that a sizable portion of the fruits and vegetables available on your supermarket shelves aren’t grown in the USA? And even if it was grown in the U.S., think about how far that orange from Florida had to travel to make it to you if you live, for example, in Montana. It takes a lot of energy and fuel to transport food across this huge nation! By eating foods that are produced near to where you live, you eliminate the need for cross-nation or international shipping, which also reduces the opportunities for food contamination.

Another perk is that by reducing the time between the farm and your table, many people have found that the produce bought at a farmers market actually stays fresher longer than the produce bought at the supermarket. That, in turn, saves you lots of money by reducing the amount of food lost to spoilage.

Local Economy

Eating local helps keep your hard-earned dollars in your communities. Rather than giving your money to large chains who redistribute the wealth as they see fit, shopping at a farmers market and buying local food helps small producers in your community continue to make wholesome food for you.

Benefits for you

When you buy local food, you know that it was harvested at the peak of ripeness and nutrient value. Often, when produce has thousands of miles to travel before it arrives on store shelves, it’s picked early and its nutrient value decreases the longer it off the plant where it grew. In contrast, farmers markets usually harvest within 24-hours of market day. That’s a difference you can really taste!

Local growers are also usually on hand at farmers markets, so if you have any questions about what they have available, they’re present to talk with you. Many are very excited to share their knowledge and passion with you!

Read on to learn some of the downsides of eating local…

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