Earth’s #10YearChallenge Isn’t Looking Good And Here’s Proof

The #10YearChallenge is the latest craze to get people posting selfies on social media. Between everyone from celebrities to their pets, there are plenty of “before and after” moments to enjoy. But one part of this challenge is highlighting an important, and sobering truth.

The world we know today is far worse off than it was a decade ago.

Images of barren and desolate landscapes are replacing what were once fertile and thriving ecosystems. Forests have been clearcut, habitats eliminated, and some species extirpated from the face of the earth.

Source: Instagram/stories.of.india
We said goodbye to several species in the last decade, but the threat of illegal poaching is still a danger to others.

Climate change is a threat to our planet’s future, but the greatest danger in these images is the direct human impact on critical environments. Emotionally charged imagery seems to move faster on social media, and the story is no different in the case of these juxtaposed photos from around the world.

More and more humans are concerned with the health of our environment, National Geographic reports, and images like these are showing us why.

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This trend doesn’t have to continue. Humans can change the course of history, and make sure we have a future, by making an effort to support sustainability and make ecologically wise decisions.

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