Family Of Ducks Waddles Into A Library

One of the more adorable things we may have the opportunity to see is a family of ducks as they waddle by.

It seems as if many people had the opportunity to see that after a family of ducks waddled into a university library.

The staff and students in the library saw the mother and five ducklings coming through the open door. Before long, they were inside the University of Nottingham’s George Green Library and making themselves at home.

Photo: YouTube/Daily Mail

According to one of the workers at the library, they had left the doors open because it was a hot week.

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That worker, Emma Halford-Busby, said to DailyMail that they walked around the atrium with the mother leading the ducklings the whole way.

Photo: YouTube/Daily Mail

Although they were in unfamiliar surroundings, the mother seemed very comfortable.

It seems as if the ducks make a regular appearance around the campus but the library was a strange place for them to show up. Then again, Emma said that, eventually, the feathered family was able to make their way past the security barrier and back out of the pond again.

Photo: Pixabay/Manfred Richter

Emma said: “As they walked towards our other entrance, one of our staff gently ushered them through the gates and back outside.”

How cute!

Watch the video below to see the duck family for yourself:

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