Ducklings Follow Their Mom Through An Elementary School As Part Of A 20-Year Tradition

20 years ago, a mama duck found a nest in the courtyard of a school. The only problem was that there was no easy, direct access to the nearby pond.

Rather than move the nesting spot, the mama mallard decided to stay where she was and find a way to walk her little ducklings to the pond in the spring. The only way to get there with her little ducks, who were too small to fly, was to walk directly through the Eisenhower Elementary school.

Since that first year the mama duck made the trek through the school with her ducklings, they repeat the same route every spring.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11
Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

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Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

Someone on the inside opens the doors for the family of ducks and they happily waddle through the building and to the pond.

Of course, the kids are always delighted to see the little ducks waddling through school and they line the hallways to watch the spectacle. After passing through, they make themselves home in the lake and go for a swim.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

The ducks passing through the school has become such a beloved ritual that some of the parents even wrote a children’s book about the tradition!

You can watch the adorable ducks doing their annual school crossing the video below:

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