Duck Fitted With A Prosthetic Leg So She Can Keep Up With The Flock

Waddles the duck was born with a leg deformity that made keeping up with her flock quite challenging.

Because of her leg issues, she ended up doing most of her walking by hopping on one foot, which wasn’t good for her or the most convenient way to get around.

In a video shared by National Geographic’s Nat Geo WILD, Waddles’ owner, Ben Weinman, decided to get the little duck back on her feet again – literally. He did this by having her fitted for a 3-D printed prosthetic leg.

Photo: YouTube/Nat Geo WILD
Photo: YouTube/Nat Geo WILD

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When Waddles was situated with her new leg, it took a few moments to understand she could put her weight on it.

However, it wasn’t too long before she was using it like a regular leg and walking all around the room!

Photo: YouTube/Nat Geo WILD
Photo: YouTube/Nat Geo WILD

Now, Waddles should not have any problem keeping up with the rest of her flock. It’s so nice to see a pet owner willing to care for his pet and truly provide for her needs!

The first time she walked with her new prosthetic was caught on camera and shared on YouTube. In the description, it says, “A Duck name Waddles has a mangled left leg and his owner wants to better his quality of life by giving him a prosthetic leg.”

Watch the video below:

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