This Is The Coolest Video Of A Blue Whale Feeding That You Will Ever See

Blue whales are the biggest animals in the entire world. Almost 100 feet long, weighing more than 300,000 pounds, and potentially living as long as even the oldest humans, these creatures are the epitome of ‘gentle giants.’ They are one of the most beautifully graceful animals in our oceans.

They also have an incredibly unique method of feeding.

Since blue whales only feed on krill (which is incredibly ironic that the largest animal in the world feeds on one of the smallest), they need to eat A LOT of them in order to regain enough fuel to make up for the energy they lose in the process. When these whales open their mouths, their swimming speed slows down drastically, and speeding back up again costs tons of energy.

So when these amazing animals finally spot a large enough krill patch that will be worth the energy investment, they turn onto their side, open their massive mouths as wide as they can, and gently skim the surface of the water to shovel as many krill as possible into their mouths.

The video below shows one of the most incredible views of this behavior that has rarely been seen by scientists. And thanks to consumer drone technology, the animals are not disturbed in the slightest!

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