Drone Photographer Discovers Stunning Waterfalls Hidden In The Rainforest Of Costa Rica

You never know what you’re going to find when you fly a drone high into the air. While most people probably capture landscapes that they know are there, others may catch the unexpected, like the man who accidentally filmed a shark attack.

For one aerial drone photographer, it wasn’t a shark attack or anything alarming that he captured on video, but rather, something stunningly beautiful.

David Weiller was flying his drone above the rainforest in Costa Rica. He was filming in the area of Las Gemelas Falls and captured the stunning waterfall, and nearby waterfalls, on camera.

Photo: pxfuel

The most incredible part isn’t the waterfalls, themselves, but their color. The gorgeous turquoise blue really jumps out, and it’s so blue it doesn’t even look like natural water.

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As Weiller shared on YouTube, many people believe that the waterfalls have such a bright color due to chemicals that were added to the water. Thankfully, that’s not actually the case.

Photo: YouTube/David Weiller

While the true reason of the brilliant blue was a mystery for years, scientists discovered just a few years ago that the “volcanic activity increases the acidity to high levels and in some stretches of the river,” Weiller explained.

This increased acidity causes “the aluminosilicate particles to reach a diameter of 566nm (instead of 184nm), allowing the sunlight to scatter in the blue lightwave of the spectrum.”

Photo: YouTube/David Weiller

It’s because of these large particles that the water maintains such a bright turquoise hue.

Check out the drone footage below:

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