Meet The Lizard That Is Basically A Real Life Dragon

It’s not Game of Thrones, but the draco lizard is about as close as it gets to seeing a flying dragon in real life. These awesome creatures inhabit very specific areas of Asia and India, making them extremely rare to see in the wild. They aren’t very big either. Most draco’s only grow to be around eight inches long so they won’t ever be able to eat anyone whole!

These flying “dragons” have a special set of extended ribs which can be expanded and retracted. In between the ribs there is skin that connects them all together to form glider type wings. After jumping out of a tree or off a branch, the draco lizard can unfurl its wings and glide through the tree canopy with the help of the wind.

Much like fantasy story dragons, the draco lizard is a carnivore and feeds mostly on ants and termites that it can find crawling around high up in the trees.

To learn even more and see these amazing creatures in action check out the video below!

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