Giant Rubber Ducks Are Taking Over Hong Kong Harbor

Giant rubber ducks are taking over a harbor in Hong Kong, China, and visitors are being encouraged to look for them.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created the ducks years ago, and one first appeared in Hong Kong 10 years ago.

The new installation of ducks has been dubbed Double Ducks, and it even has its own Instagram page!

According to CNN, Hofman said in statement: “Double duck is double luck. The work emphasizes friendship and getting connected.”

“‘Double Ducks’ is not about looking into the past but enjoying the moment together,” he added.

The giant rubber ducks are currently the Victoria Harbor in the Central and Western District Promenade in Hong Kong, China.

While a rubber duck first appeared in Hong Kong back in 2013, it was spotted much earlier in other countries. According to CNN, the concept of the giant rubber duck was conceived in 2001 and made its debut in France six years later. The art installation also visited Osaka, Sydney and Sao Paolo.

In an Instagram post on the Double Ducks Instagram page, they explained that the installation is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Rubber Duck’s first visit to Hong Kong.

“Don’t miss this large scale public art exhibition featuring one of the world’s tallest rubber ducks at 18m and a new friend for the 1st time ever,” the post said.

The Double Ducks installation was organized by AllRightsReserved, and it’ll only be available for viewing for a limited time during the month of June.

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