Curious Dog Saves Baby Dolphin Stranded On The Beach

An every-day fishing trip turned extraordinary when Leia the dog spotted something unusual on a beach in Wales.

“I was taking photos of the fantastic scenery when I heard my dog barking at me from further down the beach….clearly she had found something!” Leia’s owner recalled.

What Leia had found was a beached juvenile harbor porpoise.

Photo: YouTube/Criccieth Life

The fisherman sprang into action, guiding the porpoise back to the sea. “Come on, mate, come on,” he called out repeatedly, gently steering the lost creature back to sea.

The fisherman and Leia the super pup stayed at the shore to ensure the young porpoise’s safety.
When the porpoise finally disappeared into the waves, Leia and her ‘dog dad’ radioed the Coast Guard. “Spoke to the coastguard once I had signal and they reported it to the science team,” Leia’s ‘dog dad’ recalled.

Photo: YouTube/Criccieth Life

Looking back on the ordeal, the fisherman realized that this little porpoise must have been very lucky. There was not a single person around for miles and if Leia wasn’t there to alert him, then who knows what would have happened to the beached porpoise!

You can this amazing rescue in the video below! Thanks Leia!

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