The Internet Noticed That Dog Paws Look Like Koala Bears And You Can’t Unsee It

Dog paws. They’re cute and I’m sure we’ve more than annoyed out sleeping pets trying to play with their little toe beans. But recently, the internet is breaking down after someone’s observation about the pads on a dog’s paw.

Twitter user @41Strange was the first to clock that there is a major resemblance between a dog’s paw pads and the face of another adorable animal: the koala bear.

After making the discovery, @41Strange uploaded a series of paw pad pictures to their account and they have since gone viral as people can’t stop commenting on the uncanny resemblance to the adorable Australian critter.

And believe us, once you notice the similarities, you can’t unsee them. The largest pad of a dog’s paw looks exactly like the face of a koala, complete with the rounded ears.

People have been commenting their thoughts about it on the post.

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One person wrote, “Dogs paws have tiny koalas. Who knew?!”

While another said, “Ours looks like a koala teddy wrapped in fluff!”

There have also been a handful more of Twitter users who have likened the dog paw pads to having other strong resemblances to ewoks, teddy bears and even Baby Simba from “The Lion King” – it’s probably only a matter of time till someone throws in a baby Yoda reference as well.

And of course, another Twitter user @MJ_Scroggsie, had to point out the terrifying truth for us of what koala paws themselves really look like – and they’re scary!

Thoughts on this revelation?

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