Dog Jumps Into The Water To Rescue Drowning Baby Deer

Mark Freeley, of Long Island, New York, was walking with his two dogs, Storm and Sarah, when all of a sudden Storm took off.

He saw something flailing around in the Long Island Sound at the Port Jefferson harbor and jumped right into the water to see what it was. Freeley noticed that Storm was frantically trying to drag something back to shore.

Mark Freeley
Mark Freeley

Unsure of what it was, Freeley whipped out his phone and started filming the whole ordeal. Once Storm got closer, Freeley realized that Storm was desperately dragging an injured baby deer to shore.

Freeley kept calling Storm’s name and encouraging him to get to shore, while his doggy sister Sarah barked along. Eventually, Storm was able to get the fawn to shore safely. The fawn toppled over on the ground and was soaked, scared and confused.

Mark Freeley
Mark Freeley

Storm began barking at the fawn and nudging her with his paw. It seems like he was trying to get her to stand up to make sure she was OK.

Freeley stayed with the Fawn until a member of Strong Island Animal Rescue and a veterinarian arrived. The vet treated the fawn, who is expected to make a full recovery.

Mark Freeley
Mark Freeley

If it weren’t for Storm and his quick-thinking and heroic efforts, this little fawn would have drowned. It’s amazing to see how smart dogs are, and how great they are at swimming!

It’s definitely not every day that you see a dog rescuing a deer from the water. Watch this incredible rescue in the video below:

Ashley Maisano

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