Butterflies and a Golden Retriever Discover What They Have in Common: A Love for Fun and Flowers

Even dogs are attracted to butterflies!

This Golden Retriever named Milo loves these winged insects as much as the flowers in his owner’s garden. The dog did not expect that the cocoons he had seen would turn into such lovely creatures!

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

It was with flowers and vegetables that Milo first developed a fascination as Jen, his fur mom, came to the garden to plant and harvest them. The dog soon fell in love with the colorful blossoms due to their scents, gently sticking his nose to the fresh beauties.

Then, Milo started to notice the lovely, winged insects that come to these flowers for nectar. He fell in love with butterflies, too! Soon, he discovered that butterflies have caterpillars for babies, which later wrap themselves in cocoons.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Jen would place these caterpillars in a safer place in the garden to protect them from predators. And so, Milo gets the opportunity to see how butterflies come out of their cocoons, and it’s such an exciting discovery for him!

Every day they go to the garden, Jen sees Milo looking for flowers with butterflies. Time joyously passes for the dog, who never gets tired of watching them. Sometimes he lies down and a butterfly comes landing right on his nose.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Seeing how happy they make Milo, Jen created a crown of flowers for him. And when she placed the floral creation on Milo’s head, the butterflies flew and gathered on his colorful crown!

Milo’s enjoyment was beyond words, and he was sure that his butterfly friends were as delighted as he was with all those sweet blossoms on his crown!

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