Would You Dare Go Exploring In The World’s Deadliest Dive Sight?

If you ever happen to be in the area of Dahab, Egypt, you might want to take a trip down to the coast. Just off the coast of the Red Sea, there is a hole that stretches some 328 feet into the deep.

If you decide to venture down into the hole, you can expect to find a coral reef and beautiful fish. It certainly would be the trip of a lifetime, but there is a reason why you may want to think twice about doing so.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It seems as if the Red Sea Blue Hole is not only known for its beauty, but it’s also known for the number of divers who died in the area. They even refer to it as the “Divers Cemetery,” according to diving blog Rushkult.

In the area near the hole, some 40 divers have lost their life. There is an unofficial estimate, however, that brings the number closer to 200. In the area, you will see memorial plaques that stand as a silent tribute to the divers who lost their lives in the blue hole.

Photo: flickr/Tim Sheerman-Chase

Although experts aren’t sure why the hole is so deadly, they do think that it has something to do with its structure. According to IFLScience, at the entrance close to the shore, there is a 20-foot shallow area but then it goes straight down for some 328 feet.

When you get down to 181 feet, you can enter a tunnel known as “The Arch.” Inside the tunnel, you will find a cave that is around 213 feet high and goes on for 85 feet. It is described by many as looking like an underwater cathedral.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Even though the Blue Hole is known for the death of many divers, it is still very popular and people visit it regularly. Practically every day there is somebody going down to see what they can see.

Many of those divers will stay clear of the arch but there are still some who want to take a chance. One thing is certain, experience is something you want to bring along with you if you decide to make this dive.

Perhaps one of the difficulties that are faced by divers is that they can miss the entrance to the arch. If they do so, they could quickly find themselves low enough that they are impaired by what is known as “the martini effect.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There is also a strong current in the area that flows from the ocean inward. Divers sometimes are not able to maintain their oxygen long enough to get through the arch and find their way out again.

So, if you want a diving adventure, this is one that you certainly could consider. Then again, it may be one that is better viewed through video.

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