Despite Losing Her Life To Violence, 6 year old Catherine Hubbard’s Dream Lives On.

We all recognize that tragedy is a part of life, but some events are nearly unspeakable and impossible to understand. In 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School was the victim of one of the most appalling acts of violence this country has seen. The facts have been well documented, and the years have done nothing to make sense of what happened, or made it any less horrific.

One of the victims was Catherine Hubbard, a first grader, and an animal enthusiast. Her passion was animals, both real and stuffed. When she met an animal, regardless of fur, slime, scales, or size, she would ask it to “tell all your friends I am kind.” She wanted all animals to know she wanted to be friends with them and protect them. In kindergarten, Catherine made herself business cards for “Catherine’s Animal Shelter,” and listed herself as “Care Taker.” Despite being so small, she managed to dream bigger than most adults.

While Catherine may no longer be here to help make her dream come true, we are. Catherine’s parents have started the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, a program to help protect all animals in need. Catherine’s Rescue Barn is a project conceptualized by Catherine and is aimed at sheltering the hundreds of animals being displaced from closing or abandoned farms, something that is becoming more and more common in Connecticut. Now it has the chance to truly take off and flourish, and you can help make that happen.

Catherine’s dream and memory will live on with every animal saved. There is not a more fitting or beautiful tribute for such an amazing life that was tragically cut short.

The mission of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation is to enrich the lives of all living beings by promoting compassion and acceptance. The programs will focus on cat and dog companionship, farm animal refuge, native wildlife rehabilitation and release, and community outreach through education and workshops.

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