With No Way Out, This Deer Was Overcome With Relief To Finally See Someone Willing To Help

Our favorite Simon Cowell (still not the one from American Idol) is back with another daring animal rescue!

This time, a young deer got caught in a tight space with nowhere to go. But Simon, who is a master animal communicator, knows exactly what to do to set the poor creature free. It takes special care and training to do the kinds of rescues Simon performs, but with a little research and knowledge, average people can set themselves up to be able to help in similar situations.

Deer are in constant danger of getting into places that are dangerous to them because of how often they come into close proximity with civilization and man-made structures. But if more people were willing to go out of their way and help, there might actually be a lot fewer incidents like the one seen below.

Watch below to see the amazing rescue!

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