Herd Of Deer Spotted Roaming Around Deserted Town While It’s On Lockdown

Our lives have been impacted in ways that we can’t even recognize at this point because of the coronavirus lockdown. It seems as if it may also be affecting some animals because some people got a video of a herd of deer roaming through a deserted town.

Aaron Geller is the 30-year-old man who was traveling through Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is the town where he is from and he is accustomed to seeing people out and about doing their daily tasks. As he was driving through one of the residential neighborhoods, he came around a corner and saw about 20 deer who had wandered into the residential area.

Photo: Youtube/Caters Clips

The deer didn’t seem bothered that they were so close to many people. Perhaps they recognized that the people were behind closed doors and were not coming out. They just wandered around on the pavement without a care in the world and even into the backyard of one of the properties. Aaron was able to get some amazing footage of the event.

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Photo: Youtube/Caters Clips

You can even hear Aaron saying in the video that this is “definitely not the usual!” Check it out for yourself in the video below.

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