Exploring Th World’s Deepest Pool

Have you ever wanted to explore an underwater city? Do tales of Atlantis spark your sense of adventure? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then Deep Dive Dubai is the place for you!

Opening soon to the public, the breathtaking facility is home to the world’s deepest swimming pool, an astonishing 60 meters (196 feet) deep.

Catering to first-time divers and experience scuba enthusiasts alike, the massive underwater area houses a stunning array of tunnels, structures, flora, and fauna. Photo-ready spots like a submerged lamppost, underwater library, and payphone make it an incredible experience to document and share, as well as an explorer’s dream.

Deep Dive Dubai has been open by invitation only over the summer but is preparing to welcome public visitors on July 28th. On Facebook, they encourage interested parties to “stay tuned for the official confirmation of the opening date and prices/packages!”

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The pool draws on the history of the area and caters to its luxury tourist crowd, noting that it “is thoughtfully designed to honour the endurance of the UAE’s traditional pearl divers and support the passion of thrill-seekers.” First-timers can get on-site training and explore up to a certain depth — those with experience can take in the full 60 meters of depth on offer.

The pool uses 14 million liters (nearly 3.7 million gallons) of fresh water and is situated in the heart of Dubai, which is experiencing a worsening, record-breaking, and decades-long drought, according to Gulf News.

In addition to the fun that divers can have exploring the sunken city, the facility also has underwater games like foosball and above-ground amenities like a gift shop and restaurant.

Observation windows and cameras are installed as well, allowing those who don’t wish to take the plunge to still get a peek at the area.

Watch a video of the facility in action below, or take a look at their site here!

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