Incredible Footage of The Biggest Great White Shark Ever Recorded!

A large great white shark named Deep Blue was spotted off the coast of Mexico, near an island in the Pacific Ocean known for being a great white breeding ground. Hoyos Padilla has been studying sharks around Gaudalupe Island for about thirteen years, and has been specifically looking for a pregnant female shark to observe. A local dive master spotted Deep Blue in the waters and let him know of her whereabouts right away.

Deep Blue’s size suggests that she is more than 50 years old, and she is about twenty-two feet long.

That’s a big shark!

In the video, Deep Blue and diver have a brief interaction, which to some may seem like a high five between fish and man, but it’s really a precautionary measure. The edges of the cage are sharp, so the diver was trying to protect Deep Blue from any harm by gently pushing her away from the cage. So it’s not exactly a high five, but still a gesture of good intent!

See the incredible video for yourself!

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