I Had No Idea These Animals Were So Much Deadlier Than Sharks!

Sharks might seem scary, but there are plenty of animals that are more deadly to humans that weren’t featured in certain shark-themed horror films by visionary filmmakers. In fact, after looking at these numbers swimming with sharks doesn’t sound so bad.

Even when schools of 15 or more sharks are spotted off the Southern California coast, they still aren’t nearly as dangerous as some of the other creatures that are swimming around in our world’s oceans. And once you get back on to land, the danger really starts to ramp up.

Despite the stigma that people have about great white sharks, their danger to humans, and subsequently making the ocean a much scarier place than on land, in reality, land animals can pose much more threat to us than what we find in the water.

What kinds of animals do you think could have the potential to be more dangerous to humans than sharks? Our guess is that you definitely won’t see these animals the same again!

Be brave, and watch the video below to see some animals that beat out the shark for creatures to be feared.

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