Darwin’s Arch At The Galapagos Islands Has Crumbled Into The Sea

There are some things that we may look at and think that they are going to be there forever. The thing is, however, if you stick around long enough, everything is going to change.

That includes some things that have been around for thousands of years, but suddenly, they are gone, never to return.

The Ministry of Environment for Ecuador shared an image that shows the famous arch at the Galapagos Island, Darwin’s arch, has now fallen into the ocean.

Photo: Twitter/Ambiente_Ec

Rather than being a majestic arch that acts as a doorway to the islands, it is now simply two pillars that stand out of the sea. According to BBC, a statement about the arch noted that it fell due to natural erosion.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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According to the BBC, the statement said: “The collapse of Darwin’s Arch, the attractive natural bridge found less than a kilometre from the main area of Darwin Island, was reported. Darwin’s Arch is made of natural stone that at one time would have been part of Darwin Island, which is not open to visits by land.”

A tour agency at the island, Aggressor Adventures, had a boat out nearby and saw the collapse. There were tourists on board who saw this once in a thousand lifetimes event.

Photo: Facebook/Aggressor Adventures
Photo: Facebook/Aggressor Adventures
Photo: Facebook/Aggressor Adventures

Their post said: “Unfortunately today, our guests of the Galapagos Aggressor III experienced a once in a lifetime event. This morning at 11:20am local time, the world-famous Darwin’s Arch collapsed in front of their eyes. There are now only two pillars remaining. Some in the dive & travel industry are already referring to this now as ‘The Pillars of Evolution’. We will miss this iconic site.”

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