Cyclist Uses App To Create Digital Drawings Using GPS Tracker

It seems these days that there is an app for everything. There are apps for exercise, apps for art, and even apps for making art while exercising – well, maybe not intentionally.

Many people who partake in cycling or running have noticed that they can create designs on their fitness apps if they just pay attention to their GPS. Apps like the Strava exercise app tracks users’ miles and then sketch them out so they can see where they’ve been etc.

Of course, this sort of technology means that such apps can essentially be turned into a real-life Etch a Sketch of sorts.

Photo: Pixabay/Brent Olson

However, there is a catch on the Strava app. Only the users of the app can see the GPS images in the app. Still, that didn’t stop Australian cyclist, Pete Stokes, from getting creative with the app.

The 45-year-old came up with a very clever idea of making up digital drawings using his app. Over time, he cycled and each mile ended up getting turned into a really cool design that he then would screenshot and share the images to his social media.

As he continued his creative hobby, his collection began to grow more and more – as did his followers. People were impressed by the different images he was able to produce. Most of them are animal-related, whether real or fictitious. But the one thing they all have in common is that they’re super cool!

Check out some of our favorites below:

1) Hand Gestures

Can’t really remember what this gesture means but it makes me want to say “Right on, man!”

2) Fox

This one is probably my favorite

3) Dinosaur

This dinosaur looks ready to bite

4) Pure Artistry

Amazing work and we can only imagine how much cycling it took to complete

5) Dragons

All that’s missing is the trail of fire

What so you think of these creations? Let us know!

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