See How Proud These Lion Cubs Are To Meet the Pride

Lions are some of the most well-known predators that wander the plains of Africa. The males lead their pride with confidence and strength, while the females do what they can to help and ensure the children are raised safely.

But when it comes time for the young lions to be assimilated into the rest of the local community of other lions, it is a very special event.

For a young lion, being introduced to the pride is a rite of passage. Most cubs spend the first couple months with only their mother and the rest of the litter, moving from den to den to throw off any predators.

When the cubs eventually gain their sight and learn to somewhat fend for themselves, their mother leads them to the pride so that they can experience what life will really be like in the near future as they continue to grow.

In this video, this lioness and her three new-born cubs have left their secret lair, after six weeks of hiding, to join with their pride at “The Lion Tree.” Check it out below!

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